Sick Sick Sicks

by The Sick Sick Sicks

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miranda poelzer
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miranda poelzer These guys are so fun and crazy to see live! They will walk off stage and come dance with you! Love these guys. They've got a grass roots rockabilly sound that is unique to them. I highly recommend seeing The Sick Sick Sicks if you live in Ottawa or if your passing though. If that's not possible, give them a listen. Favorite track: Maiden, Mother and Crone.
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This is the debut full-ish length CD by Ottawa's The Sick Sick Sicks.


released June 3, 2012

Maxim Cossette on Lead Vocal, Guitar, Banjo, Standup Bass and Backup Vocals

Lefty McRighty on Drums, Electric Bass, Backup Vocals

Rob Varma On Electric Guitar and Backup Vocals.

Production by Standup Steve Donnelly



all rights reserved


Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette Ottawa, Ontario

Gena Ree of had to say about SDL:
A performer that keeps the audience on their toes. The great thing about Dali is that you don't know what will happen from one song to the next. With his stage presence & between song-banter, Salvador Dali Lama is truly nothing short of a good old-fashioned entertainer. A throwback to another time, when a performer had to really BRING IT! ... more

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Track Name: Follow Your Heart.
Woke one day couldn’t take no more took up the banjo took for the door
Rat race to place for me, gonna see the world, gonna be free
In the town square played for dimes,
Rocking out the beat, making up rhymes
Night soon fell, hitched a ride
It was an old pickup with the devil inside

He said hey mr dali can I see that banjo
Passed it along and he had a go
Played it like none I'd ever heard
It was hypnotizing and quite absurd

He sang

Follow your heart boy, to the ends of the earth
Follow your heart boy, for what it's worth

Took me to a field with a fire in the middle
Folks were dancing to the sound of a fiddle
Banjo in my hand, started to play,
Out came the tune that your hearing to day

partied till dawn, till the sun did rise,
feasted on Flesh and jams and pies
The feeling in the air was like no other
Joyus and free like a boat with no rudder
but the party was done so we hit the road
Off to a land of silver and gold
In a big old city played for a dollar,
Devil came by and gave me a holler

He sang,

Follow Your Heart Boy
To the ends of the Earth
Follow your Heart Boy for what it's worth

To a basement party we jammed like wild
the boys were crazy and the girls were riled
powder to my left and pills to my right
things got funky on that faithful night

devil was laughing and sawing the fiddle
looked at me and posed a riddle

He said “You've seen the lights of the city bright,
but the country's been fading since you've taken flight
people are deserting in droves these days
are you happy hiding from the sun's gold rays

His cryptic words gave me a shiver.,
So I put down the bottle and thought with my liver
city is expanding, no country remaining
I asked some native the key to maintaining
they said their ancestors lived in the sap of the trees
and to listen to the deer when you're ill at ease

I moved out to the woods and lived off the land
Zero foot print, baby, ain’t it grand
when the devil comes round I say no thanks
no need for your bars or your guards or your tanks

If the moral had a story and I think it should
Don't ever mix up what's new for what good
Don't ever mix up what's new for whats good.

But always.

Follow your heart boy, to the ends of the earth
Follow your heart boy, for what it's worth.
Track Name: I Like My Bike
I like my bike cause it's really easy going
I like my bike cause it handle's so well
It's free to ride and it keeps me healthy
I like my bike, yeah my bike is swell

Never paying for gas means not supporting war
Use lights in the city,
will never be sore

In the winter time
I wear my goggles and feel like an astronaut
Use your helmet going over potholes
You will never ever be distraught
Track Name: So they Say
Here I am on this cold cold night
As I lie in the cold cold ground
This is the story of how I got this way
So they say

It started in my favorite bar
With my best friends favorite girl
This is the story of how she got this way
So they say

I loved her since that night
Since that night Since that night
Till the stars where since till the stars where shining bright
since that night
All I wanted was one night, just one night to set things right

We ran from that Bar, from that stinking room
Past the fresh cut fields to a harvest moon
To a barn we found shelter where we lay in the hay
So they Say


I stayed that night in my lovers embrace
I found warmth from her body from her beautiful face
I was was in heaven till the rooster crowed the brand new day
So they say

We woke that morning to a terrible sound
He had trailed us there, we were sure to be found
I had my hand on my six gun, she started to pray
So they say

A bad drunken holler came up from the road
He pulled out a twelve gauge and started to load
I knew things would end there on that faithful day

I went down to meet him man to man
The woman was with me know, he'd have to understand
He picked up that old twelve gauge, the end coming my way

And here I am on this cold cold night
As I lie in the cold cold ground
This is the story of how I got this way
So they say.
Track Name: Maiden, Mother and Crone
It was burningman 2010
An event transpired from the magical sands
I was walking down the road head full of mushrooms
Monster bikes rolling by and endless bass booms

Thinking back two nights when in a sacred Teepee
Talking aliens and things equality trippy
Burningman's a what you make of it festival
So I thought go into space Dali, yeah, what the hell

Three women down the road in dresses immediately caught my attention
Said hello to the three and asked with glee if they would please bless my intention
They said what's your intention, I said to go into space,
you know sooner, rather then later
They said let it be safe and let it be now
I knew there would be no debate here

Maiden, Mother and Crone's what I saw

She was of African decent with small features and strong jaw
With a middle eastern princess and a woman with a veil
Mother Maiden and Crone is what I saw

Maiden Mother and Crone

To the side of the road they took me
Said let it be safe let it be now
Put a magical holla hoop around me
All I could say was wow

There was a blast of colours, smells textures and tones
Blasting in front of my eyes
Every smell had a taste, colour and tone
I started to shake and to rize

Then the wind picked up and it threw me out
Ran forty feet before slowing down
When I got back the Mother Held out her hand
To show me a chrystal she'd found

She passed me quarts and said “look what you birthed”
I asked her what she ment
It had been lying in ground where I was sitting
Shiny spires, with no scratch or dent

We sat in a circle, the mother looked at me
She said, why do you exist?
The answer I read in the witches bible,
A refereance for the magical realist
It said that men exist to polarize women
So I said, “ To polarize you”
With a great big smile, and calm in her demeaned
I knew the answer was true

Maidern Mother and Crone's what I saw

She said, “say it again”
I said “Polarize you, and create everything in this world”
She drew a figure eight, an infinity in the ground
The magic continued to unfurl

Well that sign in the dirt made me think of a snake
I'd found on the highway going to Shambala
It was dried in a circle with three circles inside
Put many festival goers in awe

I drew one small circle in the middle of the eight
and a big one around all three
put the crystal in the middle
went into meditation and a blue ring of light I did see

There was a herd of golden elephants
A see of blue whales
Rushing up through that ring
It was the most intense thing I'd ever experienced
I could hear the angles sing

Then the maiden said something about meeting a friend
So we all opened our eyes
I said said “I think we just made a vortex”
“Say it again” where the mother's cries

I said “ We just made a vortex and are birthing the new world”
We closed our eyes, went back into meditation and magic continued to twirl and twirl

We opened our eyes and sat in silence for a while
The women dusted dirt of their dresses
I said “I'll always be your fool, magician and hierophant
We exchanged names and caresses

Then the three walked down the road
Three abreast, wind storm picking up sand
It washed away the vision, into the magic,
Of burning man.
Track Name: By Wendy Robbins and The Sick Sick Sicks. - Good Night. Sleep Tight
Good Night, Sleep Tight
May you find comfort in you dreams tonight
Dream about all of the people who love you
Dream about wishes and dreams coming true

Goodnight to the light that shines down in the Corner
Good night to the old rocking Chair
Sweet dreams to the beams of the moon through the window
Bone nuit et bons reve to the brown teddy bear

The night is a blanket the sky wraps around you
your room is a nest in the trees
Your bed is a ship that you sail across oceans
And sail back on homeward when ever you please


If I were a river that flowed around Islands
And you had the urge to explore
I'd show you the rocks where the green turtles sunbath
The holes where the muskrats live on the shore

I'd carry you gently to soft sandy beaches
And let you climb cliffs for the view
And wait while you search for a round shiny pebble
And Carry you home while when you through


If wishes were horses then we could go ridding
If dreams were like wings we could fly
So what would you say about ridding winged horses
jumping from cloud to cloud in the sky

We'd sail over roof tops and tree tops and play grounds
And wave to the kids down below
And make funny faces to people in airplanes
and learn all the magic that winged horse know