The Longboard Life

by Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette

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Landyachtz Used this song in our video "Welcome to Landyachtz" Favorite track: Landyachts Longboards, Party Time, Excellent.
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Songs about my favorite sport.


released May 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette Ottawa, Ontario

Gena Ree of had to say about SDL:
A performer that keeps the audience on their toes. The great thing about Dali is that you don't know what will happen from one song to the next. With his stage presence & between song-banter, Salvador Dali Lama is truly nothing short of a good old-fashioned entertainer. A throwback to another time, when a performer had to really BRING IT! ... more

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Track Name: Landyachts Longboards, Party Time, Excellent
Landyachts Longboards, Party Time, Excellent.
Track Name: Salvador Dali Lama aka Banjo Man - Longboard Life
Longboard Life is a Laid Back Life

Longboard life

Ripping down the street on a blue bird day
Living my life the longboard way
Smoke a dube, bomb a hill, itching for the cruise
Sunshine coast rides with magnificent views
Dumpster Dive for food, make a big vegan stew
Living life on the cheap in the long board crew


Working on standup slides and controlled foot break
Don't forget your safety gear for heaven's sake
The sport may be growing but we're gonna stay pure
I got the fever, longboarding's the cure
Track Name: Salvador Dali Lama aka Banjo Man - Kevin Reimer, He's My Hero!
Kevin Reimer, he's my hero.
Longboard truck excess weight down to a zero.
Kevin Reimer He's my hero
Does the k-rhymes even have one speck fear? No!
Winning more races then anyone
Portuguese speaking, longboarding son of a gun.

Hailing Vancouver
A good influence on groms
He's the type of guy you take home to your moms
A little bit nerdy, knows how to make a truck
Get out of his way when get's into speed tuck
A master of precision in his style and in his work
Making Rhymer's acquaintance, is somewhat of a perk


Aera trucks on podiums far and wide
An ideal upgrade for a high end ride
They don't come cheap, but are worth every sent
With Aera trucks, you're hangers wont get bent
If you want total control, area trucks are for you
Them trucks are so damn tasty you can cook them in a a stew.
Track Name: I got Road Rash, On Jake's Rash
Standing on the top of a long steep road
My knees are shaking, the truck we unload
Brand new evo, carharts, gloves and a bucket
The trucks are loose but I just say
PUCK it on the turns and I'll be just fine
Old Wes in black leathers, takes off first in line
My first time on this hill, on shit on might dine

I got Road Rash, On Jakes Rash

Push off the start and begin carving hard
But those trucks are loose so I'm on my guard
Picking up speed, control slipping away
On this side of this hill are boulders, not hay
over turn to the left and the board flies away
Work pants do their job, my leg skin stays
Slide on my side and rest in the dirt
Adrenaline's pumping, I don't check under my shirt


Truck comes down, Walter passes me a tool
Tighten them trucks, now this board freaking rules
Take my time getting down, enjoying the ride
Pretty girls at the bottom, try a cool stand up slide
But the grounds a bit wet, get knocked off my stance
Tuck and roll into handstand, a little break dance
Elbow hurt, but I'm charged, let's do it again
Calm mind at high speeds, a new form of zen


Island luck checks the evo and tightens it more
Now it's ready for speed, I let our a road
Man vs mountain, gonna settle this score
Luck says hold up, lets' stay back from the pack
We take off at full speed, now I've got the knack
In tuck, leaning forward, scoping lines, flying fast
Spot a grom, tap my pucks and try to get past,
Swoop by in flash, the into a curve
Check behind, but then loose my nerve

Cave hard, slide wide, and into the dirt
Up into the air, with auntie gravity I flirt
View of the hill side, looks sharp and jagged
Air born, upside down, laughing loud and ragged
Thoughts crosses my mind, this could last for a while
Land soft in a bush, bend yogi style
Laughing out loud, wave to the truck
Check in with luke, now it's time for speed tuck


Ripping down the hill with all that I've got
Luke's quick on my tail, I've got some drag ill drop
Crouching lower and forward, picking up speed
That little adjustment is all I need
Pull away from my friend, smile parting my lifts
A human projectile, arms around my hips
Flying like a missile, bliss of top speed
Faster and faster, I'm in the lead
End of the hill, Luke says “ your fine”
And you body's more suited to speed then mine
Back up the hill, I'm ever so stoked
I'll be ridding down hills, until I'm croaked

Track Name: Salvador Dali Lama aka Banjo Man - Stay on the Danger Side (at Danger Bay)
Stay on the Danger Side always on the Danger Side
Stay on the Danger Side at Danger Bay
Won't you be my Danger Baby
Common and don't say Maybe
Stay on the Danger Side of Life

My friend Hoodie, jumped off an RV
Onto a broken trampoline
He hit rock bottom and hurt his bottom
I hope he didn't rupture his spleen.

I got road rash, up on Jakes rash
But that deserves it's very own song
My skin got ripped off, but that don't matter
Let's take another hits off the bong

That drunken posse, was crazed and rampant
New uses for a leaf blower
Give me your beer now
Or come and join us,
Before I give you a glden shower