Confessions of a Devil​-​God

by Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette

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Maiden Mother and Crone is personal experiences that are was bizarre to share casually. In the form of a song, the burden is lifted. The two farm songs are about real farms in British Coloumbia. The Masturbation song was inspired by getting arrested and an article in the London School of Medicine. The Banjo Medley has both traditional and original tunes in it.

Follow your heart is in the process of coming true. Train Song I wrote before I was a traveler. My mother wrote the lullaby. Confessions is what I think about it all. Hope you enjoy.



released April 23, 2012

Recorded by Greg Langville.



all rights reserved


Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette Ottawa, Ontario

Gena Ree of had to say about SDL:
A performer that keeps the audience on their toes. The great thing about Dali is that you don't know what will happen from one song to the next. With his stage presence & between song-banter, Salvador Dali Lama is truly nothing short of a good old-fashioned entertainer. A throwback to another time, when a performer had to really BRING IT! ... more

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Track Name: Banjo A Go-GO
Track Name: Confessions of a Devil-God
Rumble Rumble Rumble
Hear the Earth Shake and Roar
Your spirit is Rising, it's about to soar
Tempature Shifting, Revolutions Everywhere
It's the end of the beginning
Don't be caught unaware

We're reverberating back to a harmonious state
The Goddess is Rising
Yeah, what's that date
September 21st 2012
To peace on earth, let your imagination delve

Let me tell you a story of a nomadic tradition
When women where the center
Men hunted and listened
Children Where born to the comunity
Medicinal Knowlege passed through the matriarchy
Then all of the sudden
The connections was made
That seed grew plants and semen grew babes
Nomadic lifestyle was then phased out
Patriarchal agriculture flashed it clout

Man said that my land, my woman, my child
Great nations grew
But then we all got riled.
2011, with insanity
Wold wide revolution
Economic calamity
Environmental systems in a chaotic state
Can you relate, to the upheval
It's patriarchy's end date

Allow me to explain one vision of god
Three women one beast
Make up this holy squad
The maiden is the youthful sprit
Of everything that's new
The mother is the central figure,
Gave birth to me and you
The crone is the grandmother
Wise in all her ways
The beast is that male spirit
And I've got you in my gaze

Cause everything you know about the devil
is just the withces male deity
He's the other the dark one
Full of magic and gaiety
He brings death
So that life can start again
With a new age for the goddess
It's a new age for me

Hold space, keep it safe in your heart and mentally
No one in this world can flourish independantly
The paradigm shift is from male to female
It's the end of competition
The beginning of a fairy tale

And how do I know that you know this is true
Cause we are all her body
doing what we must do
Speeding up novelty
Flowing backwards through time
To the transcendental object
Wailing out it's chime
And the 666, yes it's the number of the beast
and Salvador Dali Lama's not just some sureal priest
Feast your eyes on the devil god
who bows before the goddess
It's the end of time
There's no need to be modest.
Track Name: Medicine Farm
Down at the Farm, where medicine grows
We pick out rocks, we weed and sowe
Later we'll surf, the ocean blue
This life is sweet, now how about you?

I wanna be loved, like anyone else
Don't want to sit, like a book a on a shelf
I wanna learn and play out side
Wanna open my heart to the open wide
Track Name: Wendy Robbins and Maxim "Banjo Man" Cossette. - Goodnight, Sleep Tight
Good Night, Sleep Tight
May you find comfort in you dreams tonight
Dream about all of the people who love you
Dream about wishes and dreams coming true

Goodnight to the light that shines down in the Corner
Good night to the old rocking Chair
Sweet dreams to the beams of the moon through the window
Bone nuit et bons reve to the brown teddy bear

The night is a blanket the sky wraps around you
your room is a nest in the trees
Your bed is a ship that you sail across oceans
And sail back on homeward when ever you please


If I were a river that flowed around Islands
And you had the urge to explore
I'd show you the rocks where the green turtles sunbath
The holes where the muskrats live on the shore

I'd carry you gently to soft sandy beaches
And let you climb cliffs for the view
And wait while you search for a round shiny pebble
And Carry you home while when you through


If wishes were horses then we could go ridding
If dreams were like wings we could fly
So what would you say about ridding winged horses
jumping from cloud to cloud in the sky

We'd sail over roof tops and tree tops and play grounds
And wave to the kids down below
And make funny faces to people in airplanes
and learn all the magic that winged horse know